Beach time is fun time for family, kids, games, sports, BBQ, dancing, music, swimming, boat cruise, relaxing and Black and White Whiskey.  When White Sands Beach in Entebbe celebrated its first birthday, the Black and White Whiskey team join in the fanfare and made it the ultimate beach party.

Described as the Scottish Whiskey made for sharing, the Uganda Breweries brand served cocktails, aloha style, all day long to the hundreds of revelers who had come out to party and play.

Sitting next to Protea Hotel and in eye view of Entebbe International Airport, the beach was the main attraction last weekend. By midday, the lake was filled with people, young and old, swimming, playing volleyball and netball or just getting cozy.

Children splashed around the beach in close view of their parents. To the right, a dance fitness instructor turned up the music and attracted the attention of everyone. People jumped out of the lake water and made a beeline for the dancing area, joining in to dance to Uganda, Nigerian and Jamaican music. At that moment, everything else stopped for the dance.

When music stopped, Black and White took over the crowd and mentored people in making their own cocktails. It was a sight to behold as the drinkers fidgeted and later mastered how to use the shaking tins to mix the cocktail ingredients – black and white whiskey, lemon, ginger, orange juice, eggs and ice – into a perfect cocktail. Whiskey aficionados, cocktail lovers and those who had come for some fun time in the sun were treated to free Whiskey and Cocktails.

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