Six years ago, Bishop Isaiah Mbuga the Senior pastor at Christ’s Heart Church in Mukono, had a question in his mind: “ How can I thank God for all His goodness” Out of this conversation, came the idea Why not takeoff some time in this month of November and dedicate it to thanking God, acknowledging His presence and His love for His people.

Soon, he shared the idea with the church and they happily joined him by first, taking off four consecutive days in November 2012 to celebrate God’s goodness. Later, the days were increased to one full week and the celebration has been held consistently for one week every November to date.

For the past five years, November Blessing celebrations have birthed revival in the hearts of several people both locally and from other countries. Speakers for this now annual conference have traveled from the United States, Europe, Asia and from within Africa, touching lives through salvation and finding faith through Jesus Christ to the healing of complicated illnesses, restoration of broken relations, and a sense of hope and freedom for those that once walked defeated and frustrated lives in the bondage of fear and worries.

This year, the guest speakers are from the United States and Nairobi respectively. They will be sharing based on the set theme for the year, Stand Firm, Know God and Prevail! Daniel 5 : 32

Bishop Isaiah and his wife Deborah Mbuga together with the Christ’s Heart community from both the local and International churches will be hosting this year’s November Blessing Conference at their mother church home grounds in Mukono, Lower Kawuga, Opposite the Hass Petrol Station on the Kampala- Jinja high -way.

As Senior Pastor, Bishop Isaiah has led many people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ as a practicing Christian since the age of 15 years. In December this year, he will be celebrated along with other ministers as one of God’s generals in this country. Much thanks is accorded to God in this respect who kindly availed the able hands of Mr.& Mrs. Moses Dombo to mentor and Spiritually parent the Bishop to this date.

Their words of counsel and moral support have greatly contributed to the Bishop Isaiah that we see today. Bishop Isaiah is a graduate of City University of London with a Master’s degree in International Journalism and has worked in the cooperate Industry as a University Lecturer for over 15years, he has built Radio Stations as a passion and done business from when he was a young man in college. Bishop Isaiah is married to his wife Deborah Mbuga and together they have three children. They have been the forerunners for the Christ’s Heart Ministries International for the past 10 years and they continue to do mission and pastoral work both locally and internationally.

Since it’s existence in Mukono, the ministry is grateful to God for the reduction in the rates of child sacrifice and road carnage that existed much earlier.” Our belief is that as we continue to stand up for what is right in our knowledge of God, His goodness will prevail through our lives. That way, the glory of God will be revealed continually and tangibly touch and transform lives in diverse ways: spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially and in our everyday living within our communities. It is possible!”




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