Quality Supermarket is a supermarket chain operating in Uganda. The head office of Quality Supermarket is located at 4 Martin Road, Kampala Central Uganda.

The supermarket chain owns and operates four supermarkets in Uganda all located in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, or its suburbs.

Quality Supermarkets is one of the largest locally-owned supermarket chain in the country. Founded in 1980, the family-owned store chain is managed and operated by the family that founded the store chain.

It houses a number of businesses including a supermarket, boutiques, restaurants, a bank and  3 ATMs, a bakery, a furniture shop, jewellery, cosmetics, aviation services, crafts and decorators, to mention but a few.

The four chains include;

  • Central Kampala – 4 Martin Street, Old Kampala, Kampala Central
  • Lubowa Branch – Quality Shopping Village, Lubowa, Wakiso District
  • Ntinda Branch – Ntinda Shopping Mall, Ntinda-Bukoto Road, Ntinda
  • Naalya Branch – Quality Shopping Mall, Naalya – Kyaliwajjala Road, Naalya, Kira Municipality, Wakiso District.
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