LUWOMBO meal is a Ugandan delicacy and one of my favorite meals. If you have never been to Uganda and may have plans of visiting this beautiful country one day please do not leave with out trying out a luwombo prepared meal. Most people eat this special meal on special days but I could have it any day, everyday! Luwombo is basically sauce cooked in banana leaves.

The banana leaves are specially prepared over heat with low smoke to make the leaves aromatic and soft enough to contain the food. It is actually a method of preparing stews by steaming as you will get to learn as you read along. I am going to share how to prepare the different types which include: chicken luwombo, smoked meat luwombo, mushrooms in ground nuts paste luwombo, smoked meat in ground nuts paste luwombo and dry fish in ground nuts paste luwombo.
Writing this piece reminds me of my foods and nutrition practical exams way back in high school because this was one of my favorite meals prepared. Because it is easy, time saving and most important nutrient saving.


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