In the Bantu languages of Uganda, ‘Kabira’ translates as ‘little forest’. It is home to several rare species of flora & fauna, especially tropical birds, such as the African Grey Parrot and Blue Turncoats. To this day we ardently preserve this natural haven and wildlife habitat.

The Ruparelia family purchased the Hotel from Mowlem Construction and has since established a country club renowned throughout not just Kampala, but all of Uganda. Today, it is symbolic of Kampala’s rapid metamorphosis as a fast-growing cosmopolitan centre. Many families consider Kabira Country Club to be a second home offering top class amenities for socialising and catering for every individual taste.

We believe that our prestigious, African heritage puts Kabira Country Club in a unique position to anticipate the future needs of the stylish and discerning traveller. It’s not good enough to simply provide a hotel bed and a meal, at Kabira Country Club it’s all about bringing a story to life.

Today, we are wholeheartedly committed to providing perfection for our guests at every moment and in every way. Perhaps it’s something as life-changing as a wedding celebration, where our attention to detail and superlative service means that your special day goes without a hitch. Or perhaps it’s as simple as the note left on your pillow at night, which thoughtfully lets you know the weather tomorrow so you know how to dress in the morning.

At Kabira Country Club, we are each personally responsible for creating rich and meaningful experiences for our guests.

Fascilities include; Conference and Meeting Venues, Dinning, Wellness, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Massage Parlor,


Plot 63, Old Kira Road, Bukoto,
Kampala, Uganda

+256 752 711730

+256(0)312 227222/3/4/5


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