As part of its commitment to ensure safety for those who move on boda boda, Taxify has today launched a mobile and desktop Application that will see millions reach their destination safely and easily. This  comes at a time most urban dwellers in Kampala have battled a lot on insecurity matters pertaining the boda boda industry from loss of lives in fatal accidents due to reckless drivers, snatched off personal property mostly bags and smartphones at times coupled with money at hand. Many will receive smiles as Taxify brought the solution.

By just press of a button on your device, one will have to reach their destination safely on boda boda. Its also been noted that individual boda boda drivers charged highly for even shorter journeys and with this new innovation one will travel at a of charge UGX500 base fare, 70 Ugx per minute , 400 Ugx per km and Ugx 1000 minimum fare.

Taxify operates across 36 cities in Africa and has recorded tremendous success and confidence from customers who use the App.

Shivachi Muleji, East Africa’s Regional supply manager said ‘’As Taxify, we are always sensitive to the needs of our local markets.  Our main goal is to provide the most convenient, affordable and reliable way to move from place to place within cities. Boda is a good product to the people of Kampala as it fits well into the culture and is a category that has great potential to provide steady source of income to many people in Uganda’’.

‘’We most certainly believe that these trainings will equip boda boda riders to handle any situation  that arises in their day to day work and will emphasize on the importance of driving safely’’ he added.

Taxify is also working closely with Government agencies to ensure safety for both drivers and their customers as all drivers will be registered to ensure accountability. The App uses GPS location and therefore easy to track down a driver.

The company has an organised operation methodology that will include providing first aid training to all drivers who register as already millions have embraced it, safety precaution measures and behaviour as this hasn’t been in the Industry yet. Drivers will be identified by Uniforms as both shirts and helmets are themed in blue to ensure trademark.

Taxify Application is available on the Google Play store so one can download it and have it by their convenience as service will be available 24 hours and 7 days a Week  to deliver effectively.

Taxify, Europe and Africa’s growing ride-sharing platform that has been in existence for years.





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